George Falcon allowed his lectures and sessions to be recorded. Selections from this library of private sessions and public talks are introduced with some context provided by Zeb Rice in this podcast series. They are also available on on iTunes  and SoundCloud.

Episode #15: Leaf, Tree, Forest 

Zebediah Rice begins this episode by sharing some of the insights he learned from Peter Wohlleben’s best-selling book, “The Hidden Life of Trees.” It turns out that trees do all sorts of extraordinary and almost human-like things. For example, they care for each other, have memories, make friends, think, and talk with each other. And scientists have shown that humans can hear this tree conversation, albeit at an unconscious level. In this episode, Zebediah Rice has selected several clips from his library of recordings of George Falcon’s talks where this idea of tree’s ability to communicate and remember is discussed and used as a metaphor for the human connection to the divine. In Wohlleben’s book we learn that following the lessons from the higher or greater elements in the natural chain from leaf to tree to forest gives each tree the power to realize its full potential.  Primarily using Christian language (since that was the audience), but also alluding to Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist concepts, George Falcon explains that, as with individual trees, each of us individual humans, if we follow the rules set out by the universe and allow life to do its job rather than each of us trying to control the details of our fates, can live the best life possible. 

Episode #14: Training the Mind 

In this episode we are do things a little differently. You may notice in the podcast line-up there are a number of Guided Meditations. In addition to George Falcon’s standard guided meditations of varying lengths, you will also see a series of Guided Training Meditations. In today’s episode the focus is on these training meditations. You’ll see them with names like Refiling, Split Screen, and Fire and the Well and in this episode you will hear Zebediah Rice and George Falcon explain how and why to do them, and why they work.

Episode #13: The Content of Awareness is Not You 

In this episode, George Falcon reminds us that who we really are has nothing to do with phenomena. We are not an object or anything with form, characteristics, attributes, or limits. We are not subject to time, space, motion, or electromagnetism. And we have no beginning or ending or duration. He then goes on to explain who we really are and how to remember that using his metaphor of The Three Bags and the model of Consciousness vs. Awareness. The trick, he explains, is that consciousness is fashioned, by us, to create our experience. We have the power to fashion reality as we wish so why not make it great? We just have to anchor our identity in Awareness and accept the power that is ours by definition.

Episode #12: You Are Free (and how to remember that) 

George Falcon reminds us who we really are and explains some of the techniques we can employ in order to wake up to our own freedom and limitlessness. He goes on to discuss the idea that everything we perceive is an illusion, an identifiable pattern of energy. Even emotions fall into that category. It turns out that we can control energy, so we get to decide how we feel from moment to moment.

Episode #11: On Death & Dying (Part 2)

George Falcon speaks with Zebediah Rice about death and dying. He answers questions like ‘Why do people get sick and die even when they believe in God?’ ‘Why aren’t all monks enlightened?’ ‘Why is the world is filled with suffering, injustice, and death?’ ‘What is the method for transcending all of that?’ ‘When someone is dead, are they gone completely and permanently?’ ‘If someone I love dies, what can I do to deal with my sadness?’ and ‘If someone is sick or dying, what can I do to help?’

Episode #10: On Death & Dying (Part 1)

George Falcon speaks with Nina Walton about the painful subjects of death, dying, suffering, bereavement, and grief. Hopefully, if you are facing those challenges, this conversation will provide some comfort and relief.

Episode #9: The Higher (the Chakra), the Better.

In this episode, George Falcon explains the way that he developed his ability to sense, see, and feel non-visible energy and provides a simple exercise for how we can too. He talks about the power available to each of us if we can integrate ourselves with our higher levels of consciousness and explains how to do that. It is back to the advice he has given many times: learning to be still (e.g. meditate or Qi Gong practice), breaking habits (through training) and letting go. He talks about whether you can reconcile ancient Eastern medicine with modern Western methods. And he compares a life operating from instinct or the intellect to that guided by intuition and inspiration and makes some surprising statements such as our intuitive self’s ability to know the future. As with Episode #8, the episode comes with a listener advisory: the discussion contains some of the more mysterious and metaphysical elements of George Falcon’s teachings.

Episode #8: Who is the Dreamer?

In this episode, George Falcon answers a few of Zebediah Rice’s questions such as: What is reality? Is it all just a dream? If it is a dream, who is the dreamer? Why did we fall asleep in the first place? Is that the same thing as the “Fall from Grace?" Do we really need to wake up? If psychic powers are possible, and are as powerful as he suggests, why doesn’t he teach them? If we are who he says we really are, why do we keep reincarnating rather than just being that? If we really are in a cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth, why are so many babies born in such horrible conditions? Listener advisory: This episode contains some of the more far out or mystical elements of George Falcon’s teachings so it may not be for you.

Episode #7: Types of Logic

The main topic in this episode is what George calls the four different rules of logic that are available to us: 1) either/or 2) relativity; 3) not two; 4) neither/nor. He also talks about the relationship between our experiences and beliefs and makes use of his ‘seven stages of mastery’ model to remind us where we are on the path and what we need to do to advance. Zebediah Rice introduces the talk and provides background on George’s types of logic and ‘seven stages of mastery.' This is an audio version of the fourth in the Sunday Lecture series available on Vimeo.

Episode #6: Three Methods of Reaching Enlightenment

George Falcon describes three methods for remembering our true selves and becoming enlightened (the Good, the Superior, and the Supreme methods). As the names suggest, George believes the Superior and Supreme are more effective, but they require more discipline. George doesn’t care whether it is meditation, contemplation, prayer, Tai Qi, Qi Gong, yoga or whatever the method is, as long as you are dedicating yourself to the practice and sustain the intention to wake up.

Episode #5: Reality is Illusory

In this episode, George Falcon explains to us that reality is illusory, how we wake up from that illusion, and what it is like once we do wake up. And in Zebediah Rice's introduction, he provides a taste of some of the scientific support for this claim of the illusory nature of reality to compliment George’s more spiritually focused talk. It is an audio version of the second in the George Falcon Sunday Teaching series available on the George Falcon Vimeo channel.

Episode #4: Starting On The Spiritual Path 

This episode is about starting your spiritual journey. To do that Zebediah Rice tells the story of how he met George and shares the audio from their first conversation. In that talk, George provides an introduction for a first-time student on how to begin on the spiritual path. He gives an overview of the eight-chakra model (which are in parallel with the levels of consciousness discussed in prior podcasts). He discusses why the spiritual journey doesn’t end in annihilation of the self and the severing of ones connections with loved ones. And he shares a few insights such as the four principles of martial arts and the meaning of agape love. And, don't be too skeptical, he actually takes astrology seriously and even as integral to his model.

Episode #3: Levels Of Consciousness

In this episode, George Falcon focuses on the first five levels of consciousness (Unconscious/Physical, Subconscious/Emotional, Self-Consciousness, Transpersonal, and Cosmic consciousness). You will hear him remind us that this idea of levels is just a model and that the secret to enlightenment is to realize that we’re already free. Finally listen closely for when he gives the formula for how to remember that we are already enlightened.

Episode #2: Perceiving Heaven 

In this episode, spiritual master George Falcon discusses 1) the principles of energy and their interaction with bodies, 2) the first three levels of consciousness, 3) similes of the pie and "The Three Bags" as a way to understand the true nature of reality, 4) the technique of stillness as a method to move beyond the bags or the lower levels of consciousness, and 5) what Nirvana or Heaven really is.

Episode #1: Witnessing Perfection 

In this episode wisdom teacher George Falcon talks about  1) The idea of planes of existence, 2) the mixing up of the past and future into the Now, 3) how our beliefs shape our experiences, 4) the in-built perfection and order of the universe and 5) how our job is to witness this perfection.


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