What Makes Us Happy? Part 3 - Modern Neuroscience's View

In part one of this series on what makes us happy, I looked at the stories of two successful entrepreneurs and their versions of the secret to the good life. And in that first post I proceeded to unpack some of the problems with their perspectives. In the second post on this subject, I looked at what some of the great sages from Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism had to say on the subject. I suspect that many people will read about these lofty claims and find them totally unconvincing and unbelievable. So in this post, I take a brief look at what the latest in science has to say about the claims of these ecstatic mystical types from ages gone by. In summary, science is rapidly produc

What Makes Us Happy? Part 2 - The Ancient Masters' View

In part one of this exploration of what makes us happy I examined the approaches taken by two very successful people. In the first case, happiness and meaning in life were to be found in achievement, hard work, and success. The second person thought that investing in relationships was the way to achieve lasting peace. To me, neither of these approaches is satisfactory because for the reasons I laid out, they won’t achieve the stated goal. In this post, I ask whether there is a better way? Is there a method to have a happier, more sustainably peaceful and loving day to day experience of life? I have been studying this question for several decades now and I can tell you that the great masters

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