Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon & the meaning of Wu Wu Wei

The movie, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, provides an excellent example of the meaning of one of my favorite expressions: "Wu Wu Wei." The older woman, played by Michelle Yeoh, is comfortable using heavy weapons because her body has the strength and experience to handle a broad sword, a metal club, and so on. The younger woman, Zhang Ziyi, did not have the same strength but fortunately for her in the scene embedded at the top of the post, she had the magical Green Destiny sword which Ang Lee described as a being called green to emphasize the yin or feminine element. It is one of the best fight scenes ever so worth watching even though the main point of the post is illustrated by another sequ

The Seven Stages of Mastery

The late Los Angeles-based spiritual teacher, George Falcon, used to talk about what he called The Seven Stages of Mastery. The first stage is the Dysfunctional Stage. The motto of the dysfunctional person is “He, she or it did it to me” and he guarantees us that people at this stage are going to experience lack. It is called Dysfunctional because people in this stage, like everyone else, are trying to live happy, healthy and comfortable lives but their actions and thoughts keep reinforcing a life that has none of those things, or their presence is fleeting rather than permanent. The next stage is called Recovery. In this stage, you take responsibility for everything that happens to you and

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