Sin & Repentance

As it is Easter this weekend, I thought it would be good to reflect on its history and meaning. Lent is derived from the Latin word for “forty” and references Jesus’ forty days and forty nights in the desert wrestling with his faith. In the 40 days leading up to the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, many Christians commit to fasting or giving up something else they like as a form of penitence, mirroring Jesus experience of fasting in the desert. Many religions have this same practice of fasting and I always wondered why do this? To answer that question, I explored the meaning of two commonly misunderstood words: repent and sin. Jesus is famous for saying “repent of your sins for the kingdo

The Three Methods to Reach Enlightenment

The late Los Angeles-based spiritual teacher George Falcon used to talk about the methods that have been developed over the eons that we can use to wake up to our true nature and remember that "right here, right now, we are free." The arc of the talk follows an outline of the three traditional Eastern methods of reaching a state of enlightenment. George breaks these methods into three types: The Good Method (or Vehicle), the Superior Vehicle, and the Supreme Vehicle. Frontispiece, Diamond Sutra from Cave 17, Dunhuang, ink on paper. Printed in the 9th year of Xiantong Era of the Tang Dynasty, i.e. 868 CE. Currently located in the British Library, London. The way I understand these three categ

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