Mayan End of the World

From Cancuen, Guatemala, representing king T'ah 'ak' Cha'an; By Authenticmaya The late Los Angeles-based spiritual teacher George Falcon would sometimes talk about various cultures' determination that there was a prescribed date of the world ending (the Book of Revelation being among the more famous). In particular, there is this idea of the 26,000 year cycles and what some people understood to be the Mayan prediction of the so-called end of the world on Dec 21, 2012. I’m sure there are dissertations aplenty that could be written on this subject and I am probably not qualified to read, let alone write one of those so my intention here isn’t to try to explain how Biblical numerology fits with

Akademgorodok (Science City, Siberia)

The late Los Angeles-based spiritual master, George Falcon, once made a passing mention of Russian work done a long time ago on psychic phenomenon like telepathy and parapsychology. I finally gave in to the temptation to do a little research on this topic. It turns out that there is a long history here, beginning in pre-revolutionary Russia and continuing into the 1930s at places like Bekhterev Brain Institute in Moscow and the Institute for Brain Research in Leningrad. This kind of research was shut down for a period under Stalin but sprang back up during the 1960s in a remote region of western Siberia, near the pioneer town of Novosibirsk, in a massive research facility named Akademgorodo

Going to the Light

One we can use to move up to higher levels of consciousness is for us to "get in to the light." If we did that often enough and were there long enough, we experience a change in identity. But what exactly does he mean by "going to the light?" You might want to link to one of the guided meditations that are part of the podcast series to try out what he is talking about for yourself. Also, I should note that not everyone is a visual person so "going to the light" could be done through other senses. For example, you might feel a pressure at the center of your forehead or hear tones behind your ears. But if you are a visual person, then by telling us to "go to the light," at the most basic leve

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