As Above, So Below

George would often use the phrase "as above, so below." One of the meanings of this expression is that we can understand how the world we cannot perceive with our senses works by taking advantage of this structural property of the universe. Said another way, if we are a careful observer of our lower self, we can understand our higher self. A quick review of a typical way George would explain the self is in order. George uses an eight level framework as a good model for who we really are. Most of us would probably say that the Body/Emotion/Mind is who we are. George would say those only represent the first three levels. The fourth level (or chakra) would be our intuitive self and he sometimes

Levels of Consciousness Intro

I provide in this post a quick bit of background on the levels of consciousness in case you are new to this idea. The late Los Angeles-based spiritual teacher George Falcon uses an eight level model to help us understand who we really are as opposed to who we think we are. (A Tibetan Buddhist cloth representation of the various chakras or levels is on the right.) The first level could be said to represent the physical plane. We all get this one since it is the level of bodies and things and our personalities. In the human form it is represented as being located at the base of the spine. The next level is the subconscious or emotional level and George often refers to this level as the low sel

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