"Taking Responsibility" vs. "Handing it Over"

Los Angeles based wisdom master George Falcon spoke frequently of what we might call the Seven Stages of Mastery. You can watch the videos of this in his introduction to Basic Spirituality lecture series on Vimeo if you want all the detail. (The image of him above is a screen shot from one of those lectures where you can see the first five stages spread out over the bell curve of the human population). For most of us, the first three stages are the ones that are important to understand and there are only a couple of elements that I wanted to highlight that are relevant for this post. The first is that to improve our lives a good trick is to pretend that we are responsible for everything that

The Purpose of Life

What is the purpose of life? What are we here in this life to do? What is the point of it all? If we are to believe the late George Falcon, the answer is astonishingly simple. He tells us the purpose of life boils down to three things: Our job is to learn to love each other, to forgive and to be merciful. How beautiful and simple! Learn those three things and our life's purpose is fulfilled. #death #dying #purpose #meaningoflife #suffering #forgiveness #mercy #love #lovingkindness #god #enlightenment #illumination

The Serena Blog

This Blog is devoted to discussing the teachings of ancient and contemporary wisdom teachers in light of the most recent discoveries in neuroscience and psychology. Caveat emptor: I am not a credentialed expert in any of these fields. But from what I understand, I see that science is showing that meditation and mindfulness really work. For example, we now know that meditation not only lowers stress and improves mental sharpness but it also strengthens our immune system, gives us more youthful and healthy brain tissue, and can be as good or better than prescription drugs for treating mental challenges like depression, addiction, and autism. So maybe there is something to what all those ancien

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