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Meditation & Mindfulness Tools For A Happy & Healthy Life

Serena is a practical method for achieving optimal psychological and physical health. It is based on the insight that a life of happiness and health is within the grasp of everyone, provided the right mindset and effort is put in. The guided meditations and other mindfulness techniques available on this website, iTunes, the Serena YouTube Channel (or wherever you get your podcasts) explain how to do this and why it works.


The techniques are based on the best available neurological and psychological research from the most esteemed scientists in the field along with the teachings of many ancient and contemporary masters. 

There are plenty of other places to go that claim to have techniques to help you feel great, so what makes this method unique?

  1. It is a complete, coherent, practical and highly effective system that delivers more happiness faster than just about anything else out there and, in case one is interested, it also explains all the hard questions (so not just how to be happy, healthy and fulfilled but why we are here, the purpose of life, the meaning of life, why bad things happen to good people, what happens when we die, etc.). Other meditation apps and methods will most likely provide an immediate benefit to your life and techniques like mindfulness are a scientifically proven way to improve basic health and happiness. However, to have a transformation in your life and a theoretical framework that explains why this can and will take place is another matter. The Serena system is a simple, practical, practicable method that does just that.

  2. It is non-religious, non-philosophical, and non-metaphysical. Other "complete systems" are typically going to have either a complicated intellectual framework or will be hampered by a strong religious or metaphysical overtone, with all the historical overhang and/or bizarre rituals that often go along with that. With the Serena method, you don’t have to be a devout religious person or even believe in a god (though if you do believe in a god, the system will likely compliment your faith). 

  3. It is free. Many other systems have excellent underpinnings but require financial support of some kind, make you sign up for expensive coursework/seminars/conferences,  or, in the case of some of the best apps (like Headspace, Simple Habit, Calm, and 10% Happier, which are really excellent in many respects) are profit focused venture-backed start-ups and so they require you to pay a steep monthly fee for full use of the techniques. And worse than the expensive fees, they use the same mind-corrupting techniques developed by social media companies and persuasion labs at universities like Stanford to addict you to their app or website and consume more and more of your time and attention. (For more on this phenomenon, Tristan Harris' Time Well Spent website is an excellent and fascinating resource and his interview with Sam Harris is well worth listening to.) Serena won’t do that.

  4. You don’t have to join a monastery or live a life of asceticism or self-mortification. There is a common view that pursuing a path of wisdom and meditation requires removing oneself from society and even leveling cruel punishments onto ones' self. This is not necessary or recommended. In fact, the body is the vehicle to realize your freedom. So we need to keep it healthy and safe and comfortable. 

About Zebediah Rice

Zebediah is a Sydney, Australia-based venture capital investor and meditation teacher. The content of his teachings is drawn not only from his years of personal practice and the study of the original works from ancient masters like Lao Tzu, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus, but also from years of work with contemporary masters. 

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